Formulation and development of cefidinir sustained release tablets using various retarding polymers


  • Syed Asadulla Bakhtiary Professor & HOD, Department of Pharmacology, Prathap Narender Reddy College of Pharmacy, Peddashapur, Shamshad. Telangana-509325, India
  • Srikant Pallothu Chowdary Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, Prathap Narender Reddy College of Pharmacy, Peddashapur, Shamshad, Telangana-50932, India
  • Syam Prasad Borra Assistant General Manager, Hetero Labs Limited, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Telangana- 500037, India
  • Mohammed Ibrahim Professor & Principal, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry&Analysis, Prathap Narender Reddy College of Pharmacy, Peddashapur, Shamshad. Telangana-50932, India


Fenugreek, Cefidinir, Tamarind Gum, Carnuba Wax, sustained release tablets


The tablets of Cefidinir with sustained-release formulations primarily based on tamarind gum, carnuba wax substance, and fenugreek have been developed. Hardness, weight variation, fragility, and remedy content material have all been measured for every capsule. Concentrates used in the preliminary formulation, such as the resting point, data. The therapy grew to be given in vitro for 12 hours in a phosphate cradle with a pH of 6.8. The artificial pill has enough cutoff standards for each single actual individual. The Carnuba Wax (F6) tablet has a greater supported drug discharge (99.72%) than the framework pill. polymer- enhanced lattice pills proven that polymer enlargement impeded the shipping of medicinal drugs.